BLISS SENSUAL PERFUME is a captivating fragrance with a light, creamy texture.




BLISS SENSUAL PERFUME is a captivating fragrance with a light, creamy texture.

It is an experience of pure emotions with a fragrance that affects the senses and the skin. It will provide the essence of pleasure during each application. Their magic will engage all your senses. It envelops the skin with a sensual note.

It is both a body mist and a sensual fragrance that triggers a new quality of emotions.

Happiness is a composition of euphoria, joy in life and love. To feel its fullness, it is often enough: a breathtaking view, a precious memory, an unusual smell, someone’s touch. These special moments trigger an explosion of emotions that we want to feel as often as possible.

BLISS SENSUAL PERFUME will help you experience pleasure and happiness by wrapping you in an absolutely fascinating fragrance.

The skin is a bridge between the outside world and the brain. This fascinating combination is possible thanks to the neurotransmitters found in the skin, produced and secreted by keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts. They affect the well-being, appearance and proper functioning of the body because they transfer signals between cells and neurons, communicating, among others, about pleasure. When creating this absolutely unique and innovative perfume, we have combined science with natural active ingredients to give you the opportunity to hug yourself. From today on, the secret of happiness is at your fingertips.

100 ml

Ingredients: Brazilian pepper. Caper flower extract. Aloe leaf pulp. European olive fruit extract. Sodium hyaluronate. Sacha Inchi seed oil. Prickly pear seed oil