Swederm® Anti AGEING GEL

Gel for tired and stressed face, neck and cleavage skin


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A fast-absorbing gel for the face, neck and décolleté.

ANTI-AGEING GEL has been developed to effectively combat signs of fatigue on the face, neck and décolleté caused by stress during the day.

It is a valuable dose of pure nature in the form of a non-greasy gel that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Used daily, it gives the skin more elasticity, freshness, improves its color and helps to counteract skin aging.

Moisturizes and tones, brightens the eye area and reduces mimic wrinkles.

Perfect for skin irritations after shaving or sun exposure.


For a fresh, smooth and velvety skin, use ANTI-AGEING GEL 1-2 times a day, gently massaging the skin around the eyes, neck and décolleté, and on expression lines.

Packaging: 100 ml