Anti-aging, repair and protective face serum.




Anti-aging, repair and protective face serum. 30ML

PURE COMPLEX serum is an intensive care treatment made of organic active ingredients with repairing and anti-aging properties.

Very effective, especially in the case of tired skin, damaged by stress and pollution. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes, regenerates and strengthens it.

It protects the skin against external factors, stimulates natural repair processes, visibly eliminates wrinkles and all imperfections and signs of skin aging with each application.

It leaves the skin brighter and velvety to the touch, full of energy and glow.

Holistic philosophy sees the human body as an integral whole.

Scientists from around the world also use its assumptions in cosmetology. According to them, the secret of health and beautiful appearance lies in proper care, which simultaneously cares for the body, mind and emotions. According to the principles of this theory, specialists from our laboratory created WONDER CREAM.

For its recipe, we used organic and natural active ingredients with the highest effectiveness, so you will be able to admire its effects almost immediately.

The visual effect is only a fraction of its possibilities.

The silky texture and beautiful scent will pamper your senses at the application stage. A bouquet of precious extracts and oils applied to the skin through a gentle massage will reduce stress, restore balance, hidden beauty and well-being.


Composition: Sea fennel extract. Aloe leaf pulp. Tobacco leaf extract. European olive fruit extract. Argan oil . Pomegranate seed oil. Grape seed oil .

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Weight .030 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm