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Produced in Sweden since 1987.

Due to the presence of natural, Moroccan Ghassoul clay, the mask has an antibacterial, astringent and regulating effect of the sebaceous glands.

The product accelerates the healing of acne lesions. Lerosett can be used spot on skin lesions or on the entire surface of the skin of the face.

The mask has only two ingredients – micronized, filtered and heat-treated ionic clay and distilled water.

LEROSETT mask particles are naturally ionic (natural electrostatic charge).

When activated by water, LEROSETT acts as a (- charged) static magnet, attracting (+ charged) pimple-causing contaminants (such as dead skin cells and toxins).

LEROSETT clay can absorb more impurities from the skin as there are no impurities in the clay itself.

Potential plant additives or other chemicals would coat the clay particles before it could bind and remove impurities and excess sebum from the skin.

This is the reason why you feel that the mask works even with a thin layer and is more effective than other clay masks on the market.

Used regularly as a mask or spot treatment, it effectively frees the skin of any imperfections, soothes infections, tightens pores and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. It prevents the face from shining and the amount of sebum is balanced.

There are no age restrictions. It is perfect for the first acne lesions at a young age.


Apply LEROSETT on thoroughly washed and dry skin.

Apply the mask to problematic and oily areas of the face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off after 10-20 minutes and then apply a moisturizer.

The preparation can also be used punctually and washed off after the mentioned time or left overnight.

Remember to properly moisturize your skin after washing off the LEROSETT mask.

It is also an element of the treatment because when it is properly moisturized, sebum gets a signal that it is protected and its amount is reduced.

Clay used at high frequency may cause skin dryness, therefore, in order to obtain satisfactory results, the use of a Lerosett mask should be combined with moisturizing care and strengthening the lipid barrier (e.g. swederm® FACE CREAM, swederm® BOOSTER or swederm® ELIXIR).

Packaging: 70 ml