Comprehensive 4in1 face mask. Revitalization, balance, cleansing and gentle exfoliation.


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Comprehensive 4in1 face mask. Revitalization, balance, cleansing and gentle exfoliation.

A modern urban cosmetic for all skin types.
Incredible hydration for dry skin and a fantastic balance for oily skin.
An organic answer for those looking for relaxation after the stress of the day in the form of an effective product that stimulates the senses, stimulates the skin to regenerate, removes impurities from it.
The mask has a surprising, light and easy-to-massage cream texture.

Aloe vera leaf pulp (from organic farming) smoothes the skin and reduces irritation.

The composition of 3 natural oils (jojoba, pomegranate seeds, sweet almonds) in combination with shea butter and fatty acid esters from jojoba oil strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, which becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The heart of the mask is Fuller Earth, which cleanses the skin, has a sebum-regulating and astringent effect. Its action is complemented by lavender flower extract, which has an antiseptic effect and accelerates the healing of skin inflammations.

The product is also rich in antioxidants (rich source of which is the extract of European olive fruit and sea fennel), which protect the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate maintain the optimal level of skin hydration.


Apply to dry, clean skin with a gentle massage.

Leave to absorb for a minimum of 10 minutes or preferably as long as possible – an hour or two.

At the end, you can gently remove the residue by massaging the skin with wet hands for a while and removing the remains of the mask using the peeling function, or rinse with plenty of water while gently massaging the skin.

The skin will be refreshed, shiny and smooth. Apply the FACE TONER toner and the FACE cream.

The mask has no age restrictions. This is a great proposition (together with FACE BOOSTER) for young skins.

Packaging: 100 ml